This site is for students in my class A Brief History of Roman Britain. Links to articles, interesting websites and other blogs will be posted here. This site will also provide a forum for class members to interact outside of the classroom and share information they have found with the rest of the class.

Notes from Week 1

As promised, I am making available to students of this class a version of the powerpoint notes that were presented each week. Here is a link to a .pdf file of the first week:

A Brief Recap of History of Roman Britain - Week 1

This .pdf is a streamlined text version of the notes sans the images, since I do not own the copyright for most of the pictures that accompanied the slideshow used in class. Fair use allows me to use the images in a classroom situation; making them available for download to anyone on the internet definitely falls outside of that.

If anyone has problems downloading this file please let me know.

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